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FROM RUSSIA, THE BEST Russia's Finest Caviar

Why is Caviar Good for You?

With it’s complex and abundant flavor, Russian Caviar is considered by professionals to be the most delicate and popular type of caviar in the world. Our company concerns itself with maintaining the utmost quality of the caviar and having exemplary standards of sustainability. The Russians were pioneers in harvesting and processing caviar as a fabulous food for the “royal treatment.” Tasting this unique product with it’s tender texture and full, rich flavor is a memorable experience. Since caviar is a high-priced product, it’s not only connected to a luxurious lifestyle, but also to important events such as significant dates, holiday feasts, weddings and anniversaries.

It improves your health

One tablespoon of caviar provides a surprising amount of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. Made of fish roe and salt, caviar is unsurpassed for nourishing the brain, and is also a wonderful source of calcium and phosphorus, selenium, iron, magnesium, and Vitamins A, E, B, B12. Only one tablespoon of caviar contains one gram of Omega-3 fatty acids, which help to prevent heart disease and promote nervous and immune system.

Because it is from nature

At Terekhoff we harvest our caviar from Caspian Osetra are grown using the latest agriculture techniques available. Our Surgeon fed on all natural organic diet and live in the purest waters of Holland. We do not add any preservatives or chemical additives and we deliver only the highest quality Russian Caviar available. We are currently perfecting a new technique which gently sedates the Sturgeon during harvesting allowing us to return the fish to their natural environment unharmed.

Storage and packaging

Our Russian Osetra Caviar is produced in the Netherlands from farm raised Caspian sturgeon where state of the art systems control hygiene measures and observe quality standards. We pack caviar fresh to order to maximize shelf life. The ideal temperature for storing caviar is 28° - 34° F to maintain optimal quality. Putting caviar in the freezer will destroy its delicate texture. An unopened tin will stay fresh for up to 4 weeks, but once opened, enjoy your caviar within 3 days. It is best maintained by keeping caviar on crushed ice on the coldest part or bottom shelf in your refrigerator.
How We Started

Twenty years of experience has allowed us to gain an excellent reputation among international market professionals, restaurateurs and other caviar connoisseurs. We maintain high-quality standards by cooperating with only those producers who do not use antibiotics, hormones, dyes, or preservatives. It ensures the perfect traditional taste of natural caviar from Caspian Osetra.
Terekhoff Today

Today we offer the variety of high-quality caviar by our family brand Terekhoff: Classic Osetra, Select Osetra and Gold Osetra. Our best quality caviar is packed in our signature tins with low salt content which not only develops the taste of the caviar, but also preserves its health benefits. Tin sizes range from 10g, 30g, 50g, 100g, 250g.
Our Future

Caviarempire does not compromise on quality because our clients are demanding gourmands and connoisseurs of unusual flavored mixtures, who are used to getting only the best. Our vision is to be the leading provider of the best caviar directly from Russia. Terekhoff.com is you one stop for premium caviar of the best varieties.

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